Your Cloudstream Player and PCI

PCI compliancy is a complex and case-by-case process.  This page describes the overall network traffic created by the Cloudstream Player so you can best decide how to integrate it into your PCI compliancy plan.

What traffic does the Player produce?

The player will only talk directly to our Authentication / Stream Database Server and, if enabled, our Firmware Provider.  The Authentication / Stream Database Server is used to determine your subscriber status and which stations you've made available to that particular player.  The Authentication / Stream Database Server cannot initiate contact with the Player, the Player must initiate the communication.

The Player comes configured to automatically talk to our Firmware Provider to provide the Player with the latest firmware.  This automatic feature can be turned off in your Player settings.


Does the player have any active services running on it?

The player has one single active service listening for connections.  This service is a small web server running on port 80.  When accessed it allows you to change the player name that is announced to the network via SSDP.


Bottom Line

While introducing any new network device to a network running PCI compliant services, it's best to error on the side of caution.  The best methodology is to add your Cloudstream Player to a segmented network, isolated from your PCI compliant servers/workstations.  This can be accomplished via software or hardware.


Player Whitelisting Info

If you'll be operating your player behind a firewall, click here for our handy whitelist info.


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